Children's health services

Children’s health services

If your child is in need of a health check, our experienced GPs are waiting to offer you their help. Give us a call to schedule an appointment.

Children's health in Edge Hill

Dunstan Village Group Practice offers a wide range of health services for children of all ages. We aim to provide all children and young people with quality health care. As parents, we understand how difficult it is when our children fall ill. Our GPs have extensive experience in working with children and treating different types of aliments. We make sure your child is fully comfortable under our care.
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Our Child Care Services Include

Our child care services include:

  • Children’s health surveillance
  • Chronic childhood diseases
  • Child development
  • Preventive health care
  • Nutrition
Vaccinations for your child

Vaccinations for your child

As parents, it is your main priority to make sure that your new baby is properly vaccinated. We offer all vaccinations, including meningitis and measles, at our clinic in Edge Hill. In addition to children’s health, we also specialise in travel health, family planning and occupational health.  
For comprehensive children’s health services, meet the doctors at Dunstan Village Group Practice in Edge Hill. Call us on 0151 734 3535
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